Why Choose Us

Immersive Everyday Adventures

Immersive Everyday Adventures Activities spanning movement, creativity along with nature. They can indulge in Area, dance, art, music, and gardening, which can foster well-rounded growth in children.

Primed to thrive Academically

Drawing Inspiration from EYFS , we bring in a unique play-based learning to ignite the love of learning and prep your little one for school.

Family-Centric Educational Approach

We have a team of warm and welcoming teachers with over a decade of expertise. Honing your Loved ones Social-Emotional Skills and Emotional intelligence sets the foundation for your child's ability to build healthy bonds.


A Huge Outdoor Play Area

A Huge Outdoor Play Arena With a Fun Natural Play structure, an expansive garden, and a bike trail to keep your child on the move.

A Large, Fully Equipped Indoor Area

When it comes to your baby, it is important to build their gross motor skill, and we believe it should be part of their routine. This is made possible in our Indoor Area.

Calm, Comfortable and Secure

With gated play areas, a medically-trained team, and all-round security systems to prioritize your child's safety.

Safety: Our top priority

At Vision Nursery, an integral part of the service we provide is to ensure that the highest standards of Health and Safety are maintained. Our Health and Safety record is monitored via pro-active measures; we undertake risk assessments, make routine regular inspections and ensure our staff undergoes regular training.


We assure complete safety and security of children on campus, as children are supervised by teachers and caretakers consistently. No outsiders are allowed in. The nursery premises are thoroughly child proofed to make a safe child-friendly space.


Premises are thoroughly cleaned several times in a day and all toys are regularly sanitized. Children are taught the importance of hygiene and healthy habits, such as washing hands.


Our supervising team consists of well trained, experienced and qualified teachers and assistant caretakers diligently and rigorously attending to varying needs of the children. No child is left unattended.

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Sunny Day? No Problem! Spacious Indoor & Role Play Area

Nurture your child's growth with our indoor play Area, designed to foster gross motor skill development through engaging activities like climbing structures, soft play areas, hoop challenges, and ball play, ensuring endless fun and physical exploration, even on a very sunny day.

Give Your Child a Head Start with Top-Tier Early Learning

Your little one will embark on an enriching journey of learning with us at Vision Nursery, developing a lifelong passion for learning under the guidance of qualified, experienced educators. Watch them thrive into well-rounded, confident individuals fully prepared for future success through our carefully crafted curriculum programs:

  • Play-based exploration allows children to organically build a strong learning foundation while sparking curiosity.
  • Drawing from EYFS principles, we cultivate a calming yet stimulating atmosphere with natural materials. Our intentional learning spaces motivate learners to investigate and ponder, allowing our little learners to follow their passions and make independent choices.
  • Students embark on a journey of discovery every day, with qualified teachers introducing concepts through an interactive, play-based methodology.

Developing Holistic Competencies: UK Primary School Preparedness

Your child's journey is carefully stewarded by qualified, passionate instructors well-versed in the UK Government's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework, fostering the developmental milestones and self-confidence to embrace their future schooling.

Mindful Education: Arts, Music Woven Into Each Day

Through a kaleidoscope of stimulating activities, your child's growth is comprehensively supported - energizing movement cultivate their physical selves; artistic and musical modalities unlock creativity; and time spent gardening builds environmental stewardship, life science knowledge, and healthy eating habits.

Gardening Beds, Bike Trails, and Safe Outdoor Sanctuary to Explore

Step into our thoughtfully designed outdoor play spaces, where your child's inquisitive nature, inventiveness, and boundless imagination can truly soar. Separated by age, these areas boast colorful murals and soft, spongy surfaces to ensure safe landings. A wealth of stimulating equipment awaits to boost confidence and develop essential skills.

  • Thoughtfully designed natural play structures that foster risk assessment and build physical coordination.
  • The tree-lined bike trail encourages confidence in the first pedaling experience.
  • Embrace mindfulness in our tranquil Serenity Garden, surrounded by nature.

What Parents Think


Best Nursery option for your young ones. I recommend Vision Nursery to all the parents for your loving kids. I ensure all parents that Vision Nursery is the best safe hands for your kid. They provide the best infrastructure and all other facilities.

The nursery itself is a fun and has bright environment. Very experienced teachers who are caring and professional and whom the children respond well to. All the faculties are very supportive and nurturing. Vision Nursery came so highly recommended that i couldn't ignore it!. Your kids first step is safe

Adwait Roy, Abu Dhabi

Excellent nursery for the children. It is an awesome place to start the journey to the world of education. Homely atmosphere and lots of activities for the children. They also have theme based activities and celebrations, following EYFS curriculum.

Nithila Riju, Abu Dhabi


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