Facilities Designed for the growth of children

Many other activities are also planned on a regular basis, each targeting to build and sharpen a skill or knowledge about something new. Simulated environments are setup, like that of a market place, a pharmacy, a social event, a park or a hospital, and children are encouraged to come dressed up, role-play, converse and discover the social etiquettes of each environment on their own.

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Transport Facilities

Vision Nursery ensures reliable and convenient transportation for children to and from the nursery, prioritizing their safety and comfort. Each bus is accompanied by a vigilant supervisor, and all vehicles are Department of Transport (DOT) approved with certified drivers and supervisors. Equipped with child-friendly amenities and first-aid kits, every bus is brand new and meets the latest quality standards. Comprehensive CCTV surveillance further enhances security, reinforcing the nursery's commitment to the well-being of the children.

Academic Calendar

At the start of each academic year, Vision Nursery meticulously designs its Academic Calendar, ensuring a diverse range of engaging and unique learning activities. With something new scheduled every week, children are encouraged to foster curiosity, explore new interests, and develop their skills and talents. Parents are informed in advance, encouraging their support and participation in the various programs and activities. The calendar prioritizes a balance of sports, arts, dance, music, and other enriching experiences to spark joy and excitement in young minds.

Our promise to families.

An Assortment of Extra Curricular Activites

At Vision Nursery, we cherish childhood as a precious time and take pride in providing enriching environments and experiences that foster each child's growth and development. Our vision is centered on innovation and creativity, ensuring activities are engaging and skill-building, preparing children for real-life success. Through Play-Based Learning, children explore at their own pace, discovering valuable lessons along the way.

Our weekly activities cover a wide range of interests, with a focus on arts and crafts, language development, and outdoor play. From clay modeling to story narrations, each activity is designed to enhance artistic, linguistic, and interpersonal skills. Additionally, we create simulated environments such as marketplaces or hospitals, where children role-play, interact, and learn social etiquettes organically.

At Vision Nursery, we are dedicated to nurturing the individuality of each child and providing them with a foundation for lifelong learning and achievement.


Safety- Our top priority

We assure complete safety and security of children on campus, as children are supervised by teachers and caretakers consistently. No outsiders are allowed in. The nursery premises are thoroughly child proofed to make a safe child-friendly space.


Devoted, Skilled and Proficient Personnel

Our supervising team consists of well trained, experienced and qualified teachers and assistant caretakers diligently and rigorously attending to varying needs of the children. No child is left unattended.


All-round Development Targeted

The nursery campus involves both outdoor and indoor play areas for the all- round development of children in all mental, emotional and physical spheres of life. Emphasis is given not just to growth of academic skills inside a classroom, but also for development of physical health, vigour and social skills outside a classroom.


Parents as Core Partners

Especially since parents are the first and foremost tutors of budding minds, Parents are deemed as crucial partners in the process of teaching young minds. Parents are constantly consulted for suggestions, along with continually reporting to them the regular progress and development of their ward.


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