Our history

Vision Nursery was established in 2011, has quickly gained momentum to become one of Abu Dhabi’s most trusted institutions specialized in efficacious early-education of children aged between 2 to 4 years. Vision’s premier branch at Musafah has been functioning fortuitously, and has become an epicentre for imparting quality early- education. Our second branch also followed suit with the winning edge, since its inception in 2016 at Abu Dhabi City.

  • 2 Child Care Centers
  • 30+ Bright Horizons Employees
  • 1 Child and Family at a Time

Our Director

Laly Joseph

Laly Joseph embarked on her professional journey as a dedicated teacher, nurturing young minds with care and expertise. In 1993, she took a bold step, leveraging her passion for education to establish four successful IT institutes in her home country, marking a significant milestone in her career. In 2002, Laly moved to U.A.E, where she continued her educational endeavours by establishing another institution. This decision marked a new chapter in her career, allowing her to bring her expertise and dedication to a new community. Later in 2011, her commitment to excellence furthered her vision, ensuring every child received the best possible start in their educational journey, she established Vision Nursery in Abu Dhabi Expanding her reach, she opened another branch in 2016, further solidifying her reputation for quality education. Mrs. Laly's active engagement with parents and holistic approach to learning make her a respected figure and role model in her community.


The Nursery is housed in a modern building designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. The architecture incorporates bright and spacious classrooms, ensuring ample natural light and ventilation.

Certified Tutors

Nursery teachers or educators, play a vital role in the early childhood education sector. Our tutors typically hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or child development.

Class Capacity

The Nursery offer numerous benefits for both students and teachers. With minimum students in the classroom, teachers can provide more individualized attention to each child.

Safety First

Our physical environment of the Nursery is secure, with proper fencing and gating to prevent unauthorized access. Entrances and exits are monitored, and visitors should sign in and out.


Nursery activities are designed to foster the holistic development of young children, typically aged between 2 to 4 years old. These activities focus on various aspects including cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and creative development.

Class Overview

Vision has an excellent track record of producing impressive results with the budding minds, owing to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework being adopted as the soul of its curriculum. Modern techniques, scientific tools and aids, first- class infrastructure and unique approach to nurturing the needs of every student are some of the coherent features of Vision Nursery, which makes it one of a kind. All classrooms are set with a minimum of 5 learning centers which keeps the children engaged and helps to focus and develop a set of skills and abilities in a child.

The real asset of our nursery is our energetic and well-trained staff, comprising of deeply committed supervisors, well-qualified and experienced teachers, assistants and caretakers who are sensitive to each and every need of the children and an equally competent and capable management team at the helm. Together, we assure you that your children are in safest hands.


Our Graduates

Special care is given to each individual child, with the ultimate aim of making learning a fun activity. Acknowledging that the formative years of a child lay the foundation for the rest of their lives, extra care is taken in developing the cognitive, physical, mental, emotional, thinking and reasoning abilities of a child in a smart and encouraging environment. Activities and games are orchestrated with the potential to promote skills and enhance interest in various academic pursuits. Love for learning is inculcated thoroughly. Our specialized team will assess and identify the unique skills and intelligence of each child. Thus, all-round development of a healthy and happy child is targeted in this process.

Parents are the primary stakeholders in the institution, and the most integral part of the Vision family. Parents are encouraged to participate enthusiastically in every stage of this early education initiative. Professionalism and sensitivity to the needs of every child is our signature.


Extra Care

We understand that educating children belonging to the age group of 2 to 4 years is an immensely crucial, sensitive and pivotal task that determines the foundation on which a child’s future is built. Taking into consideration the serious nature of the job we’re entrusted with, notable concern is invested in employing only the best, because our children deserve nothing less than the best. Extra care has thus been taken to screen and interview every staff member to make sure they suit and meet the right qualifications and required work experience in the field. We make sure that our staff is capable of delivering quality education at par with world standards, catering to the varying needs of every individual student.



To make this vision a reality, well trained, experienced and enthusiastic teachers act as the foot-soldiers, constantly monitoring the progress and growth of the tiny tots. Learning activities and games are organized around the interest areas of children, to ease in the zeal for academics into their everyday life. Children are accompanied by the constant presence, guidance and motivation of teachers, showering them with encouragement and appreciation as when needed to pursue tasks given to them. A healthy and functional student-teacher relationship is promoted, along with participation of parents as partners in the process.


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