Prepping Young Ones for a Bright Future

Through Creative Learning and Multilingual curriculum with Unwavering Support Systems

Foundation Stage 1 | 3 - 4 Years

We Gave The Best For Your Child

Meticulous standards thoroughly prepare your child

Adhering to the UK governments Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory guidelines, our dedicated and qualified teaching professionals foster an environment where your child gains the confidence and readiness to enthusiastically embrace the next phase of their learning adventure.

Child-Centric Classroom Designed Based on Your Child’s Needs

Thoughtfully curated resources empower your childs immersion in the fundamentals of alphabetic literacy and numeracy. This dynamic learning space fosters symbiotic partnerships where educators and learners jointly architect and navigate educational experiences driven by organic enthusiasm.

Playful Creativity Fuels Cognitive Development

Woven throughout your childs day is a creative blend of immersive art, music, yoga, dance, and gardening that stimulate physical energy, tap into imaginative expression, encourage self-discovery, and foster the development of valuable knowledge, useful abilities, and wholesome eating patterns.


Effective Curricula to Support Your Child's Advancement

If your child is all set to kick-start their academic learning. This year is quite significant as the final phase of prepping your loved one for primary school. Engaging in a synergistic combination of educator-led and child-driven activities, they embark on an exploratory adventure that challenges, stimulates, and enriches their knowledge and skills through interactive and creative experiences.

Daily Doses of Outdoor Adventures For Minds & Bodies

During break times, they can embark on a new adventure through the outdoor play area. A realm where little adventurers can pedal along a winding bike trail admire fanciful murals that dance across the walls, and frolic atop spongy surfaces that cradle every tumble. Natures Playground offers organic climbing structures and a garden sanctuary for kids to enjoy the great outdoors.


Study, Playing And Explore

Building Social-Emotional Abilities Elevates Learning

No matter the setting, our enriching classrooms or engaging playgrounds, your little one acquires crucial social-emotional tools for success. These include interpersonal aptitudes like empathy, effective communication, rapport-building abilities, and an understanding and embrace of other’s perspectives - assets instrumental to academic excellence.

Wide Indoor and Role play area to Keep your Little One on Toes

When it's hot outside, the big indoor playground keeps kids cool. It has soft padded areas, hoops, balls, parachute games, and lots of fun toys like push/pull toys, ride-on cars, climbing structures, and interactive learning toys. Kids can play and build skills in this cool, comfortable space every day.

Enriching Your Child's Future: E-Learning Paves an Innovative Path

At Vision Nursery, our cutting-edge e-learning service complements classroom instruction, empowering your child's future success. This innovative offering provides personalized learning pathways, collaborative opportunities, multimedia enrichment, and access to educational resources anytime, anywhere. By integrating technology into the learning experience, we equip your child with essential digital literacy skills for academic and professional excellence.

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