Tiny Steps, Big Strides Empowering your little ones

Through Hands-on Exploration and Emotional Literacy

Nursery | 2 - 3 Years

Tap into your little one’s Natural Curiosity Through Active Exploration

Children usually display an eagerness to know everything around them. They are curious to learn from nature, love to tackle a challenge, and thrive while playing. Here at Vision Nursery, Young learners can feel at ease, secure, and self-assured while they can revel in numerous opportunities to examine their surroundings, experiment with fun activities, and engage with their friends all day.

International Accredited Standards that paves the way for a Successful Future

In accordance with the UK Government's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework, our program is centered around play-based learning. Through this approach, your child will develop crucial pre-academic skills in a nurturing environment that also builds a strong academic foundation, preparing them for future academic success.

Engaging Activities to
their Body and Soul

Brimming with boundless energy, kids thrive through an array of captivating enrichments that keep them actively engaged. From gym and yoga to dance, music, art, and gardening, these diverse pursuits nurture creative and physical growth, provide outlets for self-expression, and cultivate healthy habits from an early age.

Engaging Spaces to Invoke Curiosity Through EYFS Approach

EYFS Approach highly inspires our classroom arrangements. We have thoughtfully curated learning spaces to spark their interest while also ensuring ample opportunities for refining fine motor control and gross motor movement. As a young learner we help them to cultivate knowledge and skill as they explore multifaceted concepts through rich curriculums and carefully devised activities. With planned play through various resources helps to organically foster the zest to construct knowledge and build skills.

Nurturing Outdoor Appreciation through Bike Trails and Gardening

For your 2-year-old, the outdoor world unfolds as a captivating playground brimming with delightful amenities. The bike track invites them to embark on cycling escapades. The verdant garden beckons their curious hands to tend to nature's wonders. Complemented by natural play structures thoughtfully outfitted with cushioned surfaces, this vibrant outdoor space nurtures your child's blossoming autonomy and encourages their independent spirit to thrive.

Study, Playing And Explore

Holistic Child Development: Social Emotional Learning for Children

Along with broadening your little one's emotional vocabulary. We at Vision Nursery believe it is important to work on crucial interpersonal abilities like sharing resources, patiently awaiting their turn, and mastering the nuances of collaborative play scenarios.

Run, Tumble &
Jump with Indoor Gym

Summer might be at its peak, and you might have to limit your fun-filled outdoor adventure. Don’t worry the indoor gym is always open for your little ones. Seesaw, Hoops, Building blocks, and Monkey ladder for your young one can push gross motor skills with soft play structures and surfaces.


Framing Childhood: Our Incredible Crew Captures Your Child's Most Delightful Moments

Bridging the gap between home and school, the user-friendly parent app provides a window into your child's daily adventures. Teachers thoughtfully share photographs and videos and schedule updates, keeping you intimately involved in your little one's experiences. We seamlessly encourage our parents to open conversations for any queries related to administrative tasks like tuition payments.

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